Some random innovation thoughts this morning:

Don’t look back

How do we fail? By looking back. By looking back at our old achievements, our old successes, our old approaches, our old self.

Far better to prefer the NEW YOU, and the OLDER you! Why do all these people say—

This was me back in the day, as a young lad.

Nobody cares about you as a young lad. They care about you NOW!

Also, I’ve never met a power lifter or body builder or weight lifter at their peak. It is always —

Oh, look at this old picture of me when I was able to do x, y, z.

Nobody is at their peak or pinnacle for strength.

New approaches

For example, my insanely great delight at discovering the new trap bar (hex bar) for deadlift!!

With an open hex bar here in Phnom Penh, I was able to deadlift 496 pounds (225 kilograms). Also, squat 420 pounds. How?

First of all, the trap bar is 1000x superior to the traditional straight bar for deadlift. Why? Superior leverages. You put your body and weight directly in the center (makes sense). And having your two arms neutral on the side (like you’re carrying suitcases) is more natural and makes more sense. Also no need for a mixed grip, you don’t need to worry about the barbell rotating (wasted force). All in all, it allows for a more effective movement which allows you to lift more, to lift a heavier weight!

Disregard what is “proper form”

Also with squat — I started to think more deeply to myself:

Why do people say you must squat “this deep”?

For example, at parallel, below parallel, ass to grass, etc.

I think it is because everyone desires to be the most superior.

For example, a lot of petty guys at the gym see other guys far stronger than them, and justify their superiority by thinking to themselves or saying:

Oh, that guy has “shitty form”.

Or, they think the other guy is “cheating” because they are not using the “full range of motion”.

However, if you’re not competing, form doesn’t matter. With lifts, it then becomes:

Go however low you feel like.

With squats, what is “proper form” or “proper depth”? There is none. Just squat however deeply you desire, and what feels good for you and your body.

For me, disregarding traditional measures of “proper squat depth”, I’ve been able to squat waaaaay more! And this is great for me and my personal ego.

Also I like at this gym in Phnom Penh, I’m the only guy squatting or deadlifting which means no distractions by comparing myself with others.

Therefore perhaps with innovation, we must become MORE SECLUDED and MORE ISOLATED (creative isolation). We must become more “Asperger’s” and ignore what others are doing.

In some ways, becoming LESS INFLUENCED by others, and LESS INFLUENCED by the outside world. Becoming more stubborn, strange, and unique.

Going abroad

I’ve been far more innovative and turbo thinking while abroad — during my one year in Vietnam, and now currently here in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Why?

When you’re back home, you’re stuck in the old modes of thinking and thought.

Here in Phnom Penh, I feel my mind opening and expanding. For example, to witness the development here is insanely inspirational. To have a non-American distorted notion of the world.

For example, seeing the Chinese-Korean-Japanese-American fusion here in Phnom Penh is hugely fascinating and complex. For example, how Cambodia and Phnom Penh lists everything both in their local currency AND US DOLLARS. Also, how Cambodians are all pretty much bilingual in English. Yet, currently the hulk of the development is all foreign Chinese development. Even seeing the “China weekly” propaganda newspaper in my hotel lobby here.

But, it seems a lot of the initial development was Japanese, perhaps 20 years ago? The AEON mall.

But also some Korean influences and banks, etc.

Being in a foreign place is good, as it forces you to rethink your world.

Also, even seeing a “Blockchain embassy” coffee shop here in Phnom Penh is hugely optimistic!

Simplified living

Living abroad, in a studio hotel as very useful to simplify your life. No more Amazon prime, and basic malls. Having fewer concerns is better for innovation. No need to clean your house, maintain it, etc.

Carte blanche from scratch

For example, looking at the new MAYBACH concept—

The carte blanche off road car design is a quadrillion times more fascinating than the rebranded standard S-Class color scheme.


ERIC KIM EXPERIENCES— engineered to take you further:

  1. SEOUL

New thoughts

  1. As little material as possible. The ideal is no socks, only Vibram five fingers shoes. Also, just shorts. Lululemon license to train shorts. Also, the lightest, thinnest tank top possible.
  2. Innovation is subtraction: to innovate rather than figuring out what to add, figure out what to REMOVE.
  3. Travel to new places, places you’ve never been to before: for example, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Sparked any new ideas?

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