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10 Photography Workout Ideas

Something fun I learned about CrossFit: this notion of WOD, which stands for a workout of the day. Maybe we photographer should also have the same concept: photography workout of the day.

Some ideas:

  1. Record yourself at the gym: just use your iPhone, Ricoh GR 3, or gopro to record your workout. Then when you go home, review the footage on your laptop, and just do screenshots of things you find interesting about your work out.
  2. Photograph your morning routine: photograph your morning coffee, your espresso machine, either shoot videos or photos. Even a fun thing: do you slow Mo of your espresso machine on your camera or your iPhone, and have fun with it.
  3. Do a fun quick photo portrait session with a friend: just spend a day, or half-day, or even 15 minutes with a friend just doing a quick photo portrait session with them. Shoot in your style, and just do it for free. Tell them that they could use it as their profile picture, for social media, Tinder, etc.
  4. Anti-workout: block all photography gear websites from your browsers. Download extensions for either chrome or Safari or Firefox to block certain websites which you check impulsively, for example gear review websites, camera rumor websites, etc.
  5. Just do a quick walk around the block; it can literally take five minutes; just do a quick loop around the block, leave your phone at home, and leave your headphones at home. Just take along your digital camera, and loop around the block and just make photos of anything interesting you see. Even if you shoot one photo on a quick loop around the block, you have succeeded.
  6. Upload a photo to, and also give at least one constructive critique to another photo on the website
  7. Start a blog: the easiest way is to just start a blog right now with Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, register your domain website on, install, and just publish your first blog post as your favorite image. Know that blogs do not need words; just photos is good enough.
  8. Uninstall all social media apps from your phone: uninstall Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube from your phone. If you really want to use these websites, just do it from your laptop.
  9. Shoot selfies of yourself: start an ongoing selfie project of yourself, and just try to shoot artsy selfies of yourself. Photograph your shadow, your reflection, yourself in a puddle of water, in the mirror, etc. The more egotistical you could become, the better.
  10. Glitch your photos: pay for and download and install the Procreate app on your iPad or iPhone, and experiment with glitching your photos. Attempt the chromatic aberration filter, the glitch filter, and have fun with it. Strive to destroy your photos in an artistic and creative way.


Get the photography workout of a lifetime.


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