What Do You Desire To Become?

Assuming life is a stream of becoming, then the best question to ask yourself is this: “What or whom do I desire to become?“

Certainly, you don’t want to become anyone else but yourself. And even if you wanted to, you physically cannot become anyone else but yourself.

I think it is good to have role models, and heroes. Yet, they should only serve as motivation and stimulus to you, for you to become more of yourself.

No the question is, what does it mean to become yourself? I say it is to identify your strengths, your Archimedes lever in life, and best maximize your energy and strength to exploit that. Also, to become less distracted and more focused. To become stronger, both physiologically (muscular strength) and mental strength (willpower).

And, it isn’t a matter of becoming rich or famous, or influential. Because even if you become a billionaire, you’re still you. The better question is asking yourself how do you want to build your body, your mind, and what kind of art do desire to create?

It isn’t pleasure seeking, or novelty seeking, or material gathering that we think is the goal. Even if you became a billionaire and bought every single exotic sports car on the planet, enjoyed every single sexual pleasure, and traveled everywhere in the world, you would probably bore quickly. Then your next true task in life is self development. And sharing your insights with others.