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I thought randomly on my mind: what if I were worth $120 billion? If that were the case, how would I live my life differently? To be frank, I don’t really think I would change my life that differently.

For example, now that I got Seneca my son, the optimal living situation is living as close or with grandmother. For example, it was best when my mom and Cindy‘s mom was living with us in Providence, and now living with Cindy‘s mom‘s house seems ideal. Even if I were a billionaire, I wouldn’t choose any other living situation.

And also when it comes to photography, this becomes very interesting. Because now I truly do feel that my photography and blogging and other entrepreneurial ventures are more motivated by my passion, rather than concerns about money or paying the rent. In my mind, I like to fancy myself as a bitcoin billionaire, which means to simplify as if I were a billionaire. Certainly I’m not, but I think my mind state is.