When in Doubt, Don’t Get It

What we seek is new challenges. Yet, when we live static and boring lives, the only way to seek novelty is through purchasing things. We seek a personal upgrade for ourselves, but instead of focusing on building our muscles or our mind, we seek to upgrade ourselves through technology. Technology as manifested through new Apple devices, new cars, or new homes.

But this is one thing I learned when it comes to things, technology or equipment, obvious decisions are a binary: either you need it or you don’t. When you’re on the fence, don’t buy it and don’t get it.

Even if you are a billionaire, more stuff means more management, more headaches, more stress, and more distractions. For example, even if I owned 20 Lamborghinis, it would be bad. Because of the maintenance I have to do for all the cars. Also, having to manage them: having to always take it out for a drive, park it, wash it, pay the insurance, fill up the gas, etc.

Even with homes it seems that all of my very rich and successful friends ultimately prefer to live in an already maintained small condominium, or for myself I would just prefer to rent an Airbnb indefinitely. The hidden cost of homeownership is having to maintain it. And clean it, and fix all the things that will eventually break.