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Anti Static

What I am for — growth, development, evolution. Static and unchanging is bad.

Why software is good

Perhaps the reason why I like software updates so much is this: the sense of newness. This is why I joy and delight in using beta software, because there are more frequent updates. Every single time I update my iOS and software, there’s a sense of change and progress.

And this is what I realized about cars, no matter how good your car is, if you’re not actively modifying it, changing it, or customizing it, it is boring. Once you buy the perfect car, it is a static object. Much more fun to buy a cheap car, and keep modifying it, then buy an already great car, which is static and unchanging.

Perhaps this is the reason why Tesla cars are so cool and interesting even though the hardware of the car remains the same, every new software update for the car is exciting for the users.

What do we want out of clothing?

This is also a big problem with clothing: no matter how perfect the thing you buy, it will bore you. It seems that the only exceptions are Wabi Sabi things, such as buying a brand new pair of raw denim, and being excited to break it in.

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