In praise of Nike. Now anyone could afford to have a cool pair of shoes.

Of course there are very expensive Nike sneakers, and the expensive air Jordan sneakers. Yet Nike now has lots of options under $70.

At least this is one good thing with brands, any kid can now afford to have a cool pair of shoes, as long as they have a Nike shoe. Sure they may not have the best shoe, or the most expensive shoe, but they could afford to have a cool shoe.

When I was a kid, I could never afford any Nike shoes, because they were all above $100. Now, with more options, is more freedom.

Even with Mercedes cars, the cheapest Mercedes is quite affordable. Therefore if you are into brand-name things, know that there’s an option for you.

Also, maybe it is more effective to buy the cheapest luxury good, and the most expensive common good. For example, better to buy the cheapest Mercedes then to buy the most expensive Toyota car.

Also, maybe it is better to buy the cheapest Leica camera, than the most expensive Fujifilm camera. Similarly speaking, better to buy the cheapest iPhone, the iPhone SE, instead of buying the most expensive android or the most expensive Samsung phone.