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On Living a Happy Life Regardless of Where You Are

I believe it is possible to live a happy life regardless of where you are. And truth be told, there are certainly certain places and certain cities *more conducive* to living a happy and productive life.

Yet, after realizing that Mexico City is a perfect city (as well as Hanoi, and Saigon), also Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo — I believe:

You can truly live a happy life regardless of where you are, but it takes skill, a certain mindset, and practice.


It seems for myself at least, once you discover ‘perfect’ elsewhere, I no longer have the desire to live there. Then I suppose, I have the spirit of the adventurer and the explorer. And the joy I get is the *search* or the quest for perfect. But once I have discovered it, it no longer interests me.

Thus perhaps some sort of wise honesty is good. To realize and recognize that perfect is elsewhere but no longer *desiring* ‘perfect’.

Leverage your archimedes lever

A simple one is to blog. A blog as the ultimate online archimedes lever, in terms of maximizing your impact and thoughts online.


Also health is essential. To walk much, to think much. To sleep as much as humanly possible, and also nap as much as possible.

Also with caffeine and coffee, I have found it best to just have a shitload of coffee first thing in the morning, but to abstain for the rest of the day.

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