In Praise of Osaka for Traveling and Street Photography

Osaka as also a great place to travel, street photography, and living!

Compared to Kyoto, more “gritty”, more influence of hip hop culture, and the people are more ‘down to earth’ and warmer.

Kyoto is more ‘elegant’, Osaka is more street!

Great street photography opportunities in Osaka

Osaka feels more ‘gritty’, and is certainly more old-school, which makes it ideal for street photography:

Great food in Osaka

Furthermore, Osaka street food is better. Osaka is more affordable. Very walkable, and a bit ‘off the beaten path’ when compared to Tokyo/Kyoto.

The best food to get in Osaka: “Motsunabe’– the nabe (soup) of motsu (fatty innards). Seriously the most delicious broth, soup, meal.

Also another tip: visit the Kuromon fish market, and go around 5-6pm for the ‘time sale’ (get fatty tuna, ottoro, for a massive discount)!

Living in Osaka

I loved living in Osaka (for about a month in AirBnb). Great prices, great food, great city, great people!

I would say for living, Osaka is better than Kyoto (in terms of price, access, convenience, and everyday living).


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