model s plaid


A realization:

What do we want out of our cars?

Pure dominance.

Unless there is a car which ever get faster than the 1.99 second (0-60 mph) Tesla Model S Plaid, all other cars (including Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Rolls Royce, etc) are irrelevant.

I like design

I love studying car design. Why?

If you live in the suburbs, or any city … we are surrounded by more cars than human beings.

The more beautiful designed the cars, the better.

Cars are a mostly aspirational lifestyle thing

The irony:

People who want to go hiking and backpacking and all that stuff get off-roading Subaru’s. But … are probably too busy working all the time to go.

When people drive a certain car, it says much about themselves and their lifestyle.

I say–

The best lifestyle to promote is *NOT* owning a car, as it signals that you prefer a more nomadic (travel) lifestyle.

Cindy hiking share

What we desire is dominance?

But the thing:

Just because you own the most dominant car… doesn’t mean *YOU* are the most dominant human being.

Personally speaking, the reason I still don’t want to buy or own a Tesla is–

Everyone has one.

I have this strange thing in which I hate owning anything which others have. I have deep pride in being insanely different— and as superficial as belongings and possessions are, I do not want to possess anything that others possess. Or, I pride myself in *NOT* possessing what others possess. Or pride myself in *NOT DESIRING* what others desire.

All bespoke everything.

Even if I were forced into getting a car, I would probably get a Hyundai Genesis and de-badge it all, and matte black it all. Why? The more obscure the brand and model, the better.