What do we want out of embodied reality?

Some more thoughts regarding the meta-verse:

First of all, what is it that we really want out of embodied reality?

Well, we certainly cannot get a good cup of coffee or a good steak on the meta-verse. And when I talk about the metaverse, I mean to talk about things on the Internet, things on the cloud, social media, concepts in our mind, etc.

Why clothing and fashion?

Another thought: assuming that most of our lives are now on the metaverse, for example the appearances that we put up on social media, what is the point of the clothes we wear in embodied reality?

A simple concept is comfort: when it is very hot and humid, I prefer wearing merino wool to keep myself from getting overly sweaty or hot.

Also, assuming you live in a house with mirrors, you always look at your reflection many many times a day. Therefore your own personal aesthetics and your physique how you look is very important.

Why does it matter what kind of car you drive or own?

The funny thing about cars, a lot of people get fancy cars because they want to flex their car in front of others. However, the majority of people will never see you step in or out of your car. So when it comes to your car, maybe it is better for us to think of it like some sort of art object or sculpture, that you always stare at in your driveway, or the aesthetic feeling that you get from looking at it. Also the importance of your car interior, because you look at the interior of your car much more than the exterior.

Why hardware is the future

There is still a huge need for good hardware. For example, the materials on our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Or the feeling of Wabi Sabi that we get from leather products.

Things on the meta-versus essentially software. Software can be easily changed and molded. Whereas hardware is something we must interact with every single day, all day, with haptic feedback from our fingers and hands.

Thus my first hypothesis about why embodied reality is important, because there is something innately human about haptic feedback from our hands, and the sensations we get from our bodies.

Even as I watch baby Seneca grow up, there’s nothing that fascinates him more than touching things with his hands and fingers, and picking things up and down, and seeing how things respond to physics.

Why sex?

The reason why there is an innate human desire to have sex in order to procreate and have children. Without this strong desire, there would be no children of the future, and there’s no future for humanity.

Now that we got virtual reality porn, the question is then what is the point of sex, and things of erotic nature?

From a pragmatic perspective, it seems that there is a great utility of porn, assuming that you don’t blow your load, in order to kindle desire to have sex with your romantic partner, or in order to have children or more children.

But what is the point of sex on the meta-verse? I’m not sure.

Embodied reality for the sake of street photography

Assuming that street photography is your passion, or something that you love doing, then it seems that a great justification for embodied reality in order to do street photography. Certainly there are ways you can make photos in virtual reality, and video games, or the meta-verse, but it seems that it is far more difficult challenging and interesting when you do it in real life.

Thus, is the point of embodied reality to have greater challenges, greater difficulties, and more interesting challenges?

The joy of powerlifting

How does one have an out of body experience? Simple: attempt a new one rep max PR in your sumo deadlift. The physical sensation you get from attempting to lift a very heavy weight with all of your physical and mental strength is pure bliss. Some thing one cannot experience in virtual reality, video games, or the Internet. Physics don’t lie.

Photography and physics

Also, as much joy as we get from interacting with other human beings online, and video games, or the meta-verse, we will always prefer the social interaction we get in embodied reality. There’s much more information and data through micro facial gestures, bodily gestures, and even hormones/pheromones.

Another justification for traveling, shooting street photography, interacting with strangers or other human beings, and things which require some sort of physical feedback which is based in physics.

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