Virtual reality gravity sketch ERIC KIM abstract

Virtual Reality Creativity

If you’re in a position in which you’re trapped at home and want to be creative, virtual reality may be a good option for you (Oculus Rift S + Gravity Sketch or Google Tilt Brush) as great avenues to create in 3D!

Beyond just video games

When trolling the Oculus store, it seems the best use of paid apps are when it comes to creativity … apps which allow and empower you to create art works in 3D… not to just consume “entertainment”.

For example, Gravity Sketch is fascinating, because not only can you create 3D art works and designs, you can also shoot photos while inside Virtual Reality.

What virtual reality has taught me

Essentially the big things about virtual reality is that it has taught me to appreciate embodied reality more. But also, perhaps it is a good idea we can create a virtual hybrid between virtual art works, embodied art works, but also virtual reality art works?

The future of VR?

It seems the Oculus Quest 2 will become the prime platform, *NOT* Oculus Rift S (a standalone device will be better. Nobody wants to buy a gaming PC for virtual reality).

Quest already has a pretty good catalogue of Arts and Creativity apps — this will be the future.

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