Oculus Rift S + 16” MacBook Pro (Maxed Out) Works!!!

An insanely happy discovery:

If you get an Oculus Rift S, and install Windows 10 in BootCamp for a maxed-out 16” MacBook Pro … it works well!!!

No lag, no problemos. Some setup stuff:


The adapters you need:

  1. USB C to Display Port Cable: You need this.
  2. USB C to USB 3.0 Female Adapter Cable: The second adapter you need.

When I was trying to first setup the Oculus Rift S on the 16” MacBook Pro the confusing thing:

How the hell do I get these 2 cables to attach to the USB-C ports?

Those two adapters listed above do the job!

2. Boot Camp

This is another confusing thing:

How can I run OCULUS RIFT S on my MacBook Pro laptop, when Oculus Rift S is ‘supposed’ to only work on a gaming Windows-based PC?

I was under the wrong impression that the Oculus Rift S could only work on a Gaming PC. Actually, I have got it working on the maxed-out 16” MacBook Pro, which is far superior as a setup because the laptop is actually portable. And let us be real, nobody wants to own a Windows PC (even to own a gaming laptop PC seems like a bad idea). I personally live nomadically, travel a lot, and am always on the road, so even though I know how to build my own gaming computer PC, I do not want a desktop PC (for now).

But in fact, if you use the built in ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ (baked into Mac — just search for it in your ‘finder’ menu:

Then just follow the simple instructions, and download a copy of Windows 10 to your ‘Downloads’ folder, and follow the prompts and get it going!

And when you restart your computer, hold the power button and hold the ‘Option’ button (the button in-between the ‘control’ and the ‘command’ button on the space bar bottom row) and start in Windows 10.

Then download the Oculus software (oculus.com/setup) and just follow the prompts, and you’re good to go!

Why Oculus Rift S, not Oculus Quest 2?

I have glasses, and the best thing about the RIFT S is the eye-spacer (it fits with glasses on). To me this is enough to justify the Rift S over the Quest 2.