Never ending journey ERIC KIM abstract

The Never-Ending Journey

A thought in a half awake state, which got me up this morning:

The joy of life is that there is no end.

For example, with consumer goods. Perhaps the ideal isn’t to strive to have a “perfect” device which you keep forever, and are forever satisfied and happy and pleased with it. Instead, to always “upcycle”your tools and things — ideally buying it used or refurbished, and either keeping it as long as you can (before your eventual upgrade), or perhaps the joy of just testing things out for your own personal interest and returning it later. Essentially not to get tied down by our things.

But anyways, the goal isn’t some end perfect homeostasis. The goal is to continue to journey on this beautiful and unpredictable life, strive to seek your own personal maximum growth, and to create art and share this life journey of yours with others via your blog, website and any other platform which can amplify your voice and creative vision!



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