seneca and dad ERIC KIM

SON (아들) Aduel Project

Not just the #cindyproject — my new SON (아들) Aduel Project:

Photograph what or who you care for.

At the end of your life … who are you going to care more for? Photos of random strangers, or photos of those most dear to you?


Why I Photographed the Birth of My First Child

Every time I photograph Seneca, I give him both a metaphorical kiss (with my camera) and a physical one. I love him — his pure existence is supreme joy to me.

Reflexive photography

When I photograph Seneca, I don’t just photograph him — I photograph a reflexive version of myself. I photograph my hopes dreams and aspirations for him. Similarly speaking, I aspire to become the father I wish I had, but I never had.

Ultimately it ain’t even just my relationship with him; it is also his relationship with his mom (Cindy), his relationship with his two grandmothers (Cindy’s mom, and my mom — umma).

How long do I plan on pursuing this project?


Until my death.