The Artist

What makes an artist or what is an artist?

Someone who is passionate about aesthetics, and how he or she perceives external visual stimuli.

How do you care for aesthetics?

For myself, I find myself extremely sensitive to visual aesthetics. Much of my mood is governed by the visual:

  1. Natural light, brightness
  2. The design color and fashion of my clothes, shoes, accessories, glasses
  3. The view from my window
  4. The aesthetics of the everyday things I use — coffee cup, espresso machine, phone, tablet, laptop, headphones, etc.

I can’t help it

I don’t force myself to care for aesthetics — it is just my being. If I perceive something as ugly — let’s say, ugly housing project architecture or buildings, it depresses my mood and angers me to no end.

On the contrary, beautiful designs, beautiful human forms (both female and male) uplift me, energize me, and give me the great will to life.

Even with website and blog design, aesthetics is king for me.

The pickiness of the artist as a virtue

If we artists weren’t picky or selective, where would the root of our aesthetic tastes come from?