The Desire to Procreate

If we think about humanity, there is an innate instinct for us to procreate. The natural sexual drive of both men and women in order to create children. Certainly without the will to procreate, humanity would have died off a long time ago.

Then what makes me think:

How can we channel this desire to procreate in a positive and productive way? To channel this desire into our arts creation and to not demonize this innate powerful drive we have within ourselves?

To not demonize the sexual drive, but trying to figure out how we can harness this physiological power to our advantage?

Is our desire as artists to procreate art works rooted from the sexual desire to procreate children and new life?

What kills our sexual potency?

Overconsumption of alcohol, drugs, weed, a vegetarian-vegan diet (not enough meat consumption), perhaps overstimulation from porn, cold environments, lack of sleep, and overstress. From a biological perspective let us think and consider:

Which conditions are deleterious to an individuals sexual drive and potency?

Within men:

Considering things which kill our testosterone.

And on the contrary:

Consuming more things which boost our testosterone (red and fatty meat) and engaging in activities which boost our testosterone (heavy weight lifting such as powerlifting or being in the presence of beautiful women?)

Or at least subjecting ourselves to media which boosts our testosterone?

Once you rub one out, your motivation is killed.

Consider if you’re about to attempt new “one rep max” in your deadlift:

Would you rub one out?

Certainly not. There is a reason why after sexual intercourse (after men ejaculate) they often go straight to sleep, often to the dismay of their partner.

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