Photography Composition Lesson: Repetition

Repetition tree red black

To think about photography composition — studying musical theory is useful. The repetition in a song, and the visual repetition in an image — this makes for an interesting photograph.

Repetition of shapes, forms, lines


For example, the repetition of the lines in the skeletons and also the stripes in Cindy’s shirt.

  • Repetition

Simple repetitions

Dark skies over Tokyo repetition rain

Another example — the repetition of the dots in this photograph. Flash through a clear umbrella brings out the rain dots:

With some filters applied:

Why is repetition an effective composition technique?

When listening to a song, we like having a “loop” of bass, treble, mids, and other musical melodies which cause our feet to tap, and the desire for our bodies to dance.

Thus if we see photos with repetition, it excites us and gives us more visual melodies to enjoy in an image?

Draw the repetition and repeating shapes and forms on top of your photos

This is one of the most effective ways to learn!

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