How to See More Artistically as a Photographer

What is our prime worth as a photographer? Our vision. Our ability to see artistically is the goal:

0. You’ve always/already been an artist

The most difficult thing we photographers have is to admit to ourselves that we are artists, and that we have *ALWAYS* already been artists! Once you can get this out of your head, then you can actually move on and become more artistic with your photography!

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  • selfie Ricoh gr ii ERIC KIM

1. Cross pollinate

  • Aesthetics

To stick yourself in just a single reductive category is bad. Cross-pollinate widely; study mathematics, geometry, etc (Archimedes as my new muse).

2. Master both color *AND* monochrome

Color and monochrome as both good!

3. Embrace yourself as a visual artist

You don’t just shoot photos; you make visual art works.

  • Beautiful form ERIC KIM

4. The joy of society

The best photographer is the one who is most engaged with society! The more you interact in society, the more beautiful shapes, forms and scenes you will witness and encounter which will inspire you to make new photos!

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6. Becoming more observant.

Visual acuity is the art of being observant; to notice even the smallest beautiful detail.