Photography Creativity Assignments

Simple ideas to get you going:

  1. Spend a day shooting photos only on your phone, and explore all the filters in the default iPhone/Apple Photos app, or the default filters in Google Photos.
  2. Spend a day shooting only creative selfies of yourself. Selfies of yourself in a mirror, your reflection, etc.
  3. If you have the urge to buy a new camera or lens, buy a new photography book instead. For new photographic inspiration and motivation, buying books not gear is the way.
  4. If you’re lacking motivation to make new photos, start shooting videos instead! Shoot lots of random video clips and drag them into imovie and export them as a ‘life vlog‘ of your video photograph snapshots. Best way I would describe it as “creative snapchat like” photo-videos.
  5. Take some photos of yours which you like, and glitch and apply fun and creative filters to your images to re-imagine them in novel ways.
  6. To give feedback on the photos of others is also creative. Upload your best photos and provide feedback on
  7. If you got a standalone digital camera, choose a jpeg filter you like and stick with it for a month, as a way to cultivate an artistic style. I like high contrast monochrome and cross process filter on RICOH GR III.