Facts vs Lies

When studying the recent presidential debate, the question:

What is the philosophy of a ‘fact’ vs a ‘lie’?

Caught on tape = truth?

The camera lies. The camera (even if recording video footage) can either be taken out of context, doesn’t show the full footage, and can be skewed by the media in a “fake-news” angle.

When is one lying?

Another thing:

When someone asks you a direct question, and you either exaggerate it, ignore it, or say something totally contrary, are you ‘lying‘?

The word ‘lie’ comes from the Proto Indo European *lewgh, which means to ‘tell a falsehood’. But what is ‘false’ and what is ‘true’? Certainly from a philosophical perspective, it is all relative. Even statistics and numbers “lie”– every single statistic is a political strategy and ploy.

On being a sucker vs winner?

If you’re a presidential nominee, your goal is to win. To do anything which hurts your chance of winning is bad. So in this sense, even though this is the unsavory truth:

To lie, deceive, exaggerate, ignore … seems like a winning strategy (from a political angle).



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