The Brave New World of Computational Photography

The future of photography: AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, computational photography and more:

Demos to play with:

  1. Face detection:
  2. Hair segmentation:
  3. Hand tracking:

A glimpse of what is already here and what is to come:

The brave new world of computational photography:

  1. Computational Photography: In Praise of the Google Pixel Phone and HDR+
  2. Why Computational Photography is so Revolutionary
  3. Why Google Pixel Camera is Superior to iPhone Camera

Also embedded is Machine Learning/AI stuff:

  1. Machine Learning for Photographers: Image Tracking
  2. Composition and Machine Learning: Bounding Boxes for Photographers
  3. How to See Like a Machine
  4. Machine Learning


  1. Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for Photographers and Visual Artists
  2. Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence
  3. Why AI (Artificial Intelligence) is Good for Photographers!