Why Google Pixel Camera is Superior to iPhone Camera

If you want to do a ‘phone-forward’ approach to photography, get Google Pixel, not iPhone:

Being an impartial judge, the iPhone Pro (while it is great) doesn’t have the same computational photography power of Google Pixel. Why? Just follow the Google AI blog and see how they are killing it with computational photography in their Google Pixel devices.


  1. Face Mesh for Google Pixel
  2. MediaPipe Iris
  3. Night Sight (faaaaar better than iPhone)

Why is Google Pixel killing it? Simple — they have poached the best in computer vision. Apple is just trying to keep up.

Media Pipe Links

  1. GitHub: https://github.com/google/mediapipe
  2. GitHub Site: https://google.github.io/mediapipe/
  3. Their DEV site: https://mediapipe.dev
Media Pipe Solutions by Google
Media Pipe Solutions by Google

See all Google’s Media Pipe stuff– super epic >

Object Segmentation in 3D


Media Pipe Hands

The brave new world of computational photography:

  1. Computational Photography: In Praise of the Google Pixel Phone and HDR+
  2. Why Computational Photography is so Revolutionary
  3. Why Google Pixel Camera is Superior to iPhone Camera

Also embedded is Machine Learning/AI stuff:

  1. Machine Learning for Photographers: Image Tracking
  2. Composition and Machine Learning: Bounding Boxes for Photographers
  3. How to See Like a Machine
  4. Machine Learning