ERIC KIM Critique of Video Games

As a kid who grew up to video games, I am a huge critic. My thoughts and experiences:

1. Real life is the ultimate FPS

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Certainly video games are very fun. But my thought:

Instead of draining your human energy and metabolism into video games, why not use this energy to make photos, make videos, lift weights and augment your own flesh in real life [embodied reality]?

Just Record and Share It!

2. Fighting games?

We like to play Street Fighter and other fighting games. But why not do it in real life? Pick up a boxing class? Or learn Jiu-Jitsu or UFC-style ‘MMA’ (mixed martial arts) fighting like my friend Shay Allen?

3. You are not building equity in yourself

If you get really really good at any video game, but suddenly this video game is no longer popular… then you’re fucked. Why? All those hours of hard work and effort are now worthless.

4. Build your own flesh

In praise of bodybuilding instead of video game playing. And photography and video-creation!