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Why I Quit Reddit

I was one of the OG Reddit users back in the day in college. But around my senior year, I quit. Why? My experiences and thoughts:

Brain drain

I was bored as an IT worker. I’d just mindlessly scroll through it all day. I think I’ve only ever wrote a comment once, and only posted a news story once. I enjoyed it as a welcome distraction. But the problem:

I’d check it like a trillion times a day. Open up Chrome and type in “re” and have Reddit auto complete.

And the problem:

Reddit is a bunch of weird, nerds who have no skin in the game.

Most users are anonymous. I trust nobody who doesn’t have the guts to attach their real face, identity and voice to what they expression. A true and genuine opinion must have your first and last name and face attached to you. So typically:

I respect people who publicly criticize me, as long as they use their real name and face.

On the flip side:

No respect or credence to any anonymous people.

When is anonymity good?

If anonymity is literally a life or death situation, it is good. But if it comes down to free speech or your opinion or job or whatever, anonymity has no real positive utility. For example if you really believe in something, you must show your face and reveal yourself. An anonymous “leaker” will never be credible.

Strange culture

It seems the culture of Reddit is:

Smug, virtue signaling coward-nerds.

I don’t think I actually ever learned anything useful on Reddit

More wisdom and insight from studying philosophy and the great poets (Horace, Lucretius, Homer) than anything on Reddit or any website or blog.

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