green red abstract thinker ERIC KIM

Focus is the Future

The future quadrillion-dollar economy:

The economy of FOCUS.

Help me, I’m drowning in distractions!

The best technological innovations of now and the future will be ANTI-distraction. For example:

  1. to DISABLE the internet and wifi on your laptop in order to focus. Smart strategy; like how Ulysses tied himself to the mast of his ship *NOT* to get tempted by the (very sexy) sirens.
  2. Adblockers to BLOCK ads, and annoying types of content on the internet.
  3. The future of the internet– NO COMMENTS. Comments as toxic, un-useful, etc.
  4. The future children of the Silicon Valley elite go to schools *WITHOUT* technology and all this B.S. What do these parents (who architect these algorithms) know which we don’t know?