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40 Photography Motivation Tips

Motivational photo ideas I hope will also inspire you — things which have worked for me:

  1. Don’t limit yourself to any type of subject matter. Shoot anything and everything.
  2. Get close; in praise of macro photography. RICOH GR III as one of the best macro cameras in the market.
  3. Shoot everything uber-wide. In praise of the new iPhone and ultra wide lens. Or get 21mm adapter for RICOH GR III.
  4. The desire to make ‘good’ photos is a bad one. Better to strive having fun making photos, than to strive to make ‘good’ ones.
  5. Consider photography and breathing is the same. Do you force yourself to breathe? No. Then why force yourself to shoot?
  6. Buy RICOH GR III, and just keep it in your front right pocket. If pockets to small, get ERIC KIM NECK STRAP MARK II, or ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II.
  7. Creative constraint: For an entire day, limit yourself. Only shoot one square block, only shoot the color red, etc.
  8. Buy books, not gear. If you want more motivation and inspiration in your photography, the money you invest into photography books and education is 100000x more effective than buying a new camera.
  9. The best cameras: RICOH GR III. For the apex image quality, Pentax 645Z. Best vlogging video and photo hybrid camera; Lumix G9.
  10. Recognize that Leica digital cameras (any NON-LEICA M camera) are essentially just re-packaged Panasonic Lumix cameras. Just like how Volkswagen owns Lamborghini — the Lamborghini is just a very expensive VW or a very expensive Audi (VW also owns Audi).
  11. To re-inspire your passion for photography, delete Instagram.
  12. Start your own blog. Register on and install ‘Until you own your own you can’t be free; until you own your own you can’t be me.’ – JAY Z
  13. Recognize that photography is essential in society. Street photography is essentially just applied sociology — visual sociology.
  14. The color green is the color of life. The color red is the color of blood. Both colors are possibly the most powerful.
  15. Don’t limit yourself to only monochrome or color; do both.
  16. You’re not a photographer, you’re a visual artist which means — permit and allow yourself to indulge all of your different passions in photography, art and beyond.
  17. When you got nobody else to photograph, photograph yourself.
  18. Don’t photograph others you don’t want to be photographed, but also photograph others how YOU would like to be photographed.
  19. No such thing as a good or bad photo; only authentic or inauthentic.
  20. Nowadays everything is a camera! Consider your car backup camera, your door bell camera, your video camera, your phone is a camera; all is cameras.
  21. The goal ain’t to become the best photographer. The goal is to simply have the motivation and inspiration to never stop photographing.
  22. Instagram is a 10000x ‘net negative’ for any photographer or visual artist.
  23. Websites are the future galleries of the internet and for the photographer.
  24. All photographers are photographers. All photographers are good photographers. Your goal — strive to become the best photographer you possibly can!
  25. Why social media is bad for photographers and humans– photography ain’t a competition.
  26. Recognize you don’t gotta share all the photos you shoot. Just shoot some photos purely for yourself; purely for selfish reasons.
  27. Selfish isn’t evil. The best photographer is very selfish.
  28. To re-spark your passion for photography, also shoot video!
  29. Small thumbnail test: If your photo works well as a small thumbnail AND works well as a large image; it is a strong image.
  30. Photos which inspire movement (visual kinesthesia) are good. Why? Motivation literally means ‘to move’. Thus the more likely your photos are to move you (physically, metaphorically, emotionally), the better.
  31. Blurred photos are good because they inspire us to move! Sharp photos are overrated.
  32. Details are overrated in photography. In praise of uber-high contrast (crushing the blacks in monochrome photography).
  33. For real feedback on your photos, upload them to and also contribute your own personal wisdom to the community. The more you critique the work of others, the better you can critique your own work.
  34. WHY? Whenever it comes to photography or anything in life, always ask yourself ‘WHY?‘ at least 3 times, to gain a deeper truth about a certain concept or idea. Try out ZEN OF ERIC Facebook Chat bot (I dubbed it the ‘Why?‘ App)
  35. Create your own photo book digitally. Just use iBooks Author on Mac, or you can even make it in Google Slides and export as PDF. E-Book PDF’s for photography are highly underrated!
  36. To better learn composition, study art fields OUTSIDE of photography.
  37. Learn from the masters of photography, then kill them. You must become a master, not just a follower.
  38. Every photo you make is a self-portrait of yourself.
  39. With photo editing (when in doubt, throw it out).
  40. Creativity in photography is highly overrated. More important to just never run out of inspiration and motivation to keep shooting!

Let us never forget our motto:

Just shoot it!

Shoot on!

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