selfie abs muscle ERIC KIM

Proof is in the Pudding

Or in other words–

Embodied reality (flesh reality) is the only real reality.

Or in other words:

Put no faith in theories; put more faith in empirical reality.

Theories don’t matter

Let us think. If I had a theory, I must test it in empirical reality. For example, an idea:

Let us say I believe in the whole ‘calories in-calories out’ myth. Let us say I believe that calories are the true determinant of fat-gain. In this case, I would do a simple test:

  • Test 1: I consume 2,000 calories worth of pure sugar a day (for a week)
  • Test 2: I consume 2,000 calories worth of T-bone steak a day (for a week)

Then comes the question:

At the end of the week, how would my bodily composition look different?

I would say with a very high certainty that in Test 1, I would gain much fat (adipose tissue). In Test 2, I might actually LOSE fat.

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