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How to Build Your Own Personal Brand

Artisans & Trade

Episode 5: How to Build a Personal Brand

Guest: Eric Kim

Synopsis: Eric Kim is an international street photographer who wants to teach people how to be more courageous as photographers, independent as creators, and ultimately free as an entrepreneur. In this episode, we talk about goal-setting toward building a personal brand, the best ways to get your name out there, what inspired his open-source philosophy, social media, and the pursuit of freedom at all costs. 

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About Stephen (my interviewer)


Stephen Obisanya is a documentary photographer whose work is heavily rooted in exploring the foundations of human connection and condition through the lens of family and community. Originally born (1989) in Lagos, Nigeria and currently residing in New York City, much of Obisanya’s work is informed by his dual identity: a cultural background as an African and a lived experience as a first-generation immigrant in America.

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Artisans & Trade is a podcast bridging the gap between passion and purpose.

Through intimate conversations, documentary photographer Stephen Obisanya is peering into the lives of amateur and professional artists, entrepreneurs, and notable figures to discuss the work they dedicate their lives to, their philosophy on life, and what it takes to build around one’s passion.

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