Practical tips and ideas:

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1. Think triangles

Triangles are one of the best photography composition tips. The way to do it:

When you are shooting, try to arrange your subjects in a triangle.

2. Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion means:

Make photos as people are walking and moving.

As a consequence your compositions are far more likely, dynamic, and epic.

3. Look for the “V”

4. Leading Lines

The purpose of composition: to add focus to the primary subject or your photo. For this, leading lines are extremely effective.

Theory of great composition

This is my general thought on how to make better compositions:

A great composition moves you; emotionally and physically. It is both practical and philosophical.

If you make photos that inspire you to live more, move more, explore more, your photo compositions are great.

To keep it simple, just shoot a lot. Keep your compositions simple and strong, and always select your best photos. To judge your compositions, sketch them, screenshot them and trace them. This will help guide you in terms of making better compositions:

Shoot, analyze photos you like, and take the learning lessons and apply it to the streets!


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