Dear friend, I am very excited to announce my newest and upcoming photography composition workshop (Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, 12-2pm Eastern Time)— focused on the fundamentals of dynamic photography composition. More info:

I want in!

Tuition for workshop: 99 USD. You can secure your spot by paying here, or the button below. There are only 19 spots available for this workshop.

If you need other payment options or regarding returning student discounts, email my workshops manager Neil at Spots are moving fast!

The goals

  • ERIC composition 1
  1. To teach you the secrets of great compositions. Great compositions from history (painting, sculpture, poetry, music), which can be applied to your own photography!
  2. A kick or a visual stimulus of new ideas, innovations, and modes of visual thinking.
  3. To augment your visual intelligence.
  4. To deepen your philosophical understand of composition, to apply in your actual photography.
  5. Dispelling myths, bullshit, and unconstructive thinking when it comes to photography, composition, and your visual arts creation.

Techniques, approaches, and tools you will learn

  1. Gaussian Blur
  2. Perspective Lines
  3. Dynamic movement, force.
  4. Theory of composition
  5. Why composition?
  6. On becoming a visual artist
  7. Why photography?

The workshop will be both practical AND philosophical.

It’s all for you.

The focus on the workshop is you. You will have the option of sending us your best photo for analysis, or any other photograph you want honest critique and feedback on. I will use iPad and Procreate to dissect your photo and artwork, to give you deeper insights about the visual force behind your photos and how you can also improve.

Sign me up!

If you are interested in this online workshop (via zoom) on May 23rd, 2020 (from 12-2pm Eastern Time), here are the details:

First, you can submit your spot for the workshop by paying on PayPal here. The cost of the workshop is 99 USD. The workshop is on a first come, first serve basis. This means if you submit your full tuition you are guaranteed a spot in the workshop. Note the last workshop sold out insanely quickly; so don’t be left in the dust.

There are only 19 spots available for this workshop.

Below is the payment portal, which accepts PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit cards and also Venmo! If you submit your payment below, your spot in the workshop is guaranteed.

You can also use the button below, which accepts PayPal, VISA, credit cards, debit cards, etc:

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Returning student discounts and student/educational discounts

If you’ve done a workshop with me in the past (either online, offline, etc), email for your returning student discount.

If you are currently unemployed, under-employed, a student, or in any form of financial emergency but would like to attend, please email for reduced rates.

The gist of the workshop

Essentially this workshop will give you the opportunity to submit your best photo for feedback. Also, I want to make this workshop as fun and engaging for you as possible.

I think this workshop is also good for all ranges of photographers. To go back to basics and the fundamentals of composition is a strong way to re-inspire and re-spark your passion and motivation for photography. Also, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the group (we will stay connected via email after the workshop), and you will also get personalized photography composition assignments and activities after the class is over.

General structure of workshop

Demonstration on my last online workshop, using iPad and Zoom to demonstrate real-time composition.

The workshop is (Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, 12-2pm Eastern Time), and this is the general structure of the workshop:

  1. Start off with personal introductions and WHY composition is important to you.
  2. Lecture on composition from Eric Kim, and real-life demos on composition.
  3. Feedback, critique and visual analysis of your submitted photos.
  4. At the end of the workshop, you are given a specific photography composition activity and assignment you must complete by end of day, then ‘reply all’ in the student email chain and submit your photo.
  5. Stay inspired and motivated with the group of students, and look forward to the next workshop (the day after, on Sunday May 24th I am doing an ADVANCED dynamic composition photography workshop, which will build off this workshop).

Is this workshop right for me?

How do you know if this workshop is good for you? My suggestion:

If you are passionate about photography and composition, this workshop is good for you.

It doesn’t matter how much or little experience you got in photography; as long as you have a passion for photography, this workshop is right for you.

[There are only 19 spots available for this workshop.]

See you soon!

EK062218 screenshot online zoom ERIC

Times are hard, but why not use this difficult time to re-spark and re-ignite your passion for photography, composition and the visual arts? Don’t miss your chance!

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Past Workshop Screenshots and Student Materials

Secure your spot for this workshop!

There are only 19 spots available for this workshop.

Secure your spot for this workshop, first come first serve. Don’t miss your unique opportunity to re-spark your passion and love for photography and composition! Pay here or the button below:

For any other payment options or help, please email

Technology for this workshop

  1. Quiet room (or if you got kids, or family, or roommates this is okay. Just tell them you are doing an online workshop and ask them to be quiet. Worst case scenario, you can mute yourself when not talking).
  2. Download ZOOM app (it is free), available for your laptop ideally. If not, you can use your phone or tablet.
  3. That is it! If you have never used Zoom before, or have done an online workshop, no problem!

For any further tech questions, please email

See you soon! :) – ERIC

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