ERIC KIM Advanced Street Photography Composition Online Workshop (Saturday. May 30th, 2020) 12-2pm Eastern Time

If you’re hungry to take your street photography to the next level, I cordially invite you to my new Advanced Street Photography Composition Workshop (May 30th, 2020) from 12-2pm Eastern Time. This is your unique opportunity to elevate your composition to new heights!


Why am I teaching this workshop and why should you attend?

I am teaching this workshop because I want to impart all this street photography wisdom I have to you. I took nearly a decade+ of toilsome labor in order to discover all the great secrets to composition in photography. And consider this workshop a great opportunity for you to quickly, effectively and deeply learn more about the secrets of composition in street photography, and the secret of great compositions in general.

What you will learn

abstract dark skies over Tokyo
  1. The secrets to great and timeless street photography compositions
  2. Practical tips, techniques and approaches to make more dynamic street photographs which will impress yourself and your viewers.
  3. The secret of making great photographs which will burn into your memory (and into the memory of others)
  4. Practical philosophical thoughts on the ethics of street photography: How to conquer your fears of shooting street photography, how to work on a meaningful project, and how to never run out of motivation in street photography
  5. Ideas on the future of street photography: Integration of new digital technologies (video, photo, 360) you can integrate to level-up yourself and your street photography.
  6. How to market, promote yourself online. Thoughts on how to best and effectively promote and share your work.
  7. How to make a name for yourself in photography and street photography.

Compositional techniques we will cover

  1. Layers
  2. Depth
  3. Dutch angle
  4. Figure-to-ground
  5. Flash
  6. Gaussian Blur
  7. Off-Kilter
  8. Powerful vs Weak Compositions

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Layered Tokyo street photograph

I am teaching this workshop to empower you. To share with you all the photographic secrets I have learned thus far, to help elevate your street photography to new levels. If after attending this workshop you feel that you didn’t become insanely empowered or learned ground-breaking ideas in street photography, you can contact my workshops manager Neil at for a 100% money-back guarantee. This is the best skin in the game I can give you — I really want to teach this workshop because I care.

I want in!

abstract. Photograph inversed again, this time with crimson red layer lowered opacity.

The tuition for this online workshop is 300 USD. However if you register before May 25th, you can receive a special early-bird discount for 99 USD.

You can confirm your spot in this workshop by paying the tuition here, or using the PayPal button below (supports PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards):

If you have issues with this purchasing portal, please email my workshops manager Neil at for more payment options. Also if you require a specialized invoice for educational self-developmental reasons or business expenses, please email Neil.

Returning and Student Discounts

EK062218 screenshot online zoom ERIC

If you are a returning student please email Neil for your special returning student rate. Furthermore if you’re currently in school, unemployed, or under-employed and would like a special educational rate, please email Neil at

This is your chance; don’t miss it.

During COVID-19, this is your chance to buff up your street photography strength. To learn new techniques which will embolden and empower you to take your street photography to new heights.

Composition is a skill you can not only apply in your street photography, but all forms of your photographic and artistic life. This is your shot and opportunity — don’t miss it.

Secure Your Spot

Shooting layers on 35mm. Downtown LA, 2015 #portra400
  • Date and Time: Saturday, May 30th, 12-2pm Eastern Time.
  • Tech: Wifi connection, Zoom application on your laptop, and a quiet room.
  • Requirements: No requirements necessary. Just a hunger to take your street photography to the next level. If you believe this workshop might be too advanced for you, please register for my Dynamic Photography Composition Workshop the week prior.
  • Tuition: 300 USD (99 USD Early-Bird Discount before May 25th).

Secure your spot here or the Buy Now button below:

For any further questions about the workshop, payment options, or questions about the tech related to this workshop, please email my workshops manager Neil at

Super pumped to have you!


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