How to Become Happier and More Productive

Things which help me:


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My Productivity Life Hacks

Intermittent fasting and coffee

Don’t eat until sunset. During the day, enjoy your fast with lots of water, black coffee.

No sugar

No sugar or alcohol in my diet. No simple starches. No carbs.

Lots of physical activity and movement

Lots of working out at home, body weight exercises, workouts with dumbbells. Standing desk. Lots of walks around the block.

Just make it.

Making lots of art works digitally, and just sharing it to my blog!

No news, social media, distractions.

my home workout

If you want a distraction, just walk around the block for 5-10 minutes. Or do a bunch of pushups or body weight squats at home.

Music that gets you in the zone!

For me — JAY Z Reasonable Doubt. Kanye West Yandhi leak.

Cold showers

If you need a rush of motivation in the morning, afternoon or evening … just take an icy cold shower!