power overwhelming starcraft


Whats my goal? Power overwhelming.

Physiological power overwhelming

What is the true power we desire? Physiological power.

What is physiological power?

Hyper-physiological strength, vigor, focus, energy, and lightness of feet.

For example:

  1. The desire to be ‘hyper-active’ and move around a lot, run around a lot! Imagine a kid with ‘ADHD’ (which is a fake condition, designed to optimize profits for Pharma companies).
  2. Hyper-wakefulness: This means getting tons of sleep (8-12 hours a night), which literally gives you maximal physical vigor throughout the day. Sleep deprivation is for suckers.
  3. Strong body, strong muscles. Strong legs.

Your physiological power is everything.

power overwhelming starcraft

You want hyper-power. This is the goal.

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