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An aesthetic I like:


why are legs so attractive to me?

My thought:

Strong (or buff) legs are a signal of physiological health, vigor, and grandeur.

For example, I love women with muscular legs and thighs. Why? Perhaps it is a signal of physiological fitness.

Even when it comes to admiring the physiques of other men — I got more admiration for the guy with a monster squat or deadlift (with epic thighs and legs), than the guy who has a buff upper-body, with chicken legs!

Strengthen your legs and everything else will follow

If you got strong legs, everything else will follow. Some ideas:

  1. Standing desk. Make it ghetto it’s fine! I put a plastic box and bounty paper towels on my kitchen counter.
  2. Never take the stairs. Never sit. always stand, move, walk.
  3. Deadlift and squat at the gym.
  4. Yoga styled hip exercises, glute exercises, etc.
My ghetto standing desk at home

The more I walk, the more creative inspiration I get.

If you want to be happier, more joyful, more creatively productive, and beautify your body,

Build thunder thighs!

Also — better to have monster epic strong legs than have any 1,000+ horsepower car or vehicle!