CURRENTLY I feel hyper-happy. Why? My physiological strength is off the Richter.


To me, all forms of happiness are legitimate. But the better question:

What is the HIERARCHY of happiness. Meaning — which happiness reigns supreme?

To me, it is the physiological. What is physiology? Let me explain.

What has to do with the human body?

Physiology — dealing with growth, and natural organisms. 

Or in more simple terms:

Anything within YOUR HUMAN BODY is physiological.

Why focus on physiology?

Create like today were your last

Certainly happiness is produced within our bodies. Hormones, serotonin, brain-electricity, blood, etc. Happiness cannot exist outside of your body.

How to better your physiological health

It seems the way to make the body stronger:

Pain, difficulty, challenge as the stimulus to growth and MORE POWER.

For example:

  1. Weight-lifting to INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH and muscle mass.
  2. Intermittent fasting: This actually strengthens your body. You will also live longer [hopefully to age 120].
  3. Cold training: Take cold showers. Good to burn off fat [brown adipose tissue, ie. B.A.T.]. I also walk almost around all the time in my t-shirt, even when it is very cold. I push the limits of my cold-resistance to pain, and it has literally built me a thicker skin.


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