How to Photograph Trees


In praise of photographing trees:


Shoot the trees in color if the light is good! I like positive film preset on RICOH GR III, and shoot looking up. Try to slightly under-expose the photos for more drama.


For heightened drama, shoot monochrome. Here’s high contrast black and white JPEG Preset on RICOH GR III:

3. Include your selfie!

Hold your camera in front of you, below you, above you, etc, and try to include yourself in your photos with trees in the background.

4. Why trees?

My theory:

If we’re out in nature, and there’s a lot of trees, it makes us feel great.

Why? Some theories:

  1. Increased oxygen … when we are around trees?
  2. Delight in the fractal patterns of trees?
  3. Infinite visual variety in growth patterns of trees
  4. Delight in colors of trees — especially during changing colors, and the color green.

5. Composition tips

street photography Lisbon

Low angle. Point straight up. Tilt your camera (Dutch angle). Move while shooting photos. Shoot off-center. Embrace blur. Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously!


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