Why I think I’m so exceptional:

Why Im So Exceptional

1. Hard

First of all, I’m a pretty hard motherfucker. Why? My scars. I had a “hard knock life” growing up, and it tempered me and hardened me into who I am today.

I don’t really think I became hard on my own accord. No— lady fate demanded I become hard and strong. If I didn’t become strong, stoic, unemotional, and hard, I would have probably shattered as a child.

For example, my greatest blessing in life is the fact I grew up with so much difficulty. Why? Great difficulty strengthens us. It builds muscles. Seeing the trauma my mom had to go through with my dad (who was both physically and mentally abusive) taught me much in life. It taught me how to NOT be a cowardly man, and how to become a strong and courageous and honorable man. Now, the way I treat Cindy is simple:

Do the exact OPPOSITE of what my dad did to my mom.

In this regard, my dad was the ultimate “anti-dad”— a father who teaches his son how to become a true man by teaching him what NOT to do (the anti form of teaching).

2. Why am I so cruel?

This is why I generally have zero tolerance for soft people. While my dad was beating my mom at home and gambling away the rent money, I recall some of the kids in high school complaining how their parents wouldn’t buy them the newest PlayStation. It taught me early in life:

Wow — if you’ve never experienced real pain and trauma, you’re soft.

Truth be told, I don’t blame people who are soft. It isn’t their fault. It’s their parents fault. And is it even the fault of their parents, or how they were raised by their parents? And the rules of society and so forth.

So truth be told — it ain’t really anyone’s fault. It’s just how reality manifests itself in people:

No pain, no trauma, no difficulty makes soft, lazy, entitled people.

Thus, no blaming others. Instead, better to avoid or ignore others.

3. Why I’m so unique

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I do not think I’m unique by my own accord. No— the circumstances, society, and mentors which I was raised me made me who I am. I’m lucky — I was born at the right time, with the right mom, with the right community, right teachers and mentors, education, etc to take me to where I am now. This is a very unique set of circumstances. Shouldn’t I be grateful? Shouldn’t I NOT SQUANDER my unique gifts?

For me, sharing my own personal dopeness is a matter of gratitude. I’m grateful for my life and gifts — by NOT exerting my individuality and uniqueness, I’m squandering it.

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