We are currently in a brave new world, and I don’t think things will ever “go back to the way they used to”. The world is fundamentally changed. Some of my thoughts:

The future?


Some predictions and thoughts:

First of all, our attitude towards consumerism will totally change. In a society where we cannot go to the mall, cannot go to a coffee shop or restaurant, and cannot really spend our money on fashion or other consumer goods — what’s the point of making money?

A more insular life?

I think people will become more and more insular. To NOT go outdoors. To spend more time at home. To become more “shut in’s”. To become (even more) anti social, and even more anti-public.

Walking or going outside is the new luxury?

I think the new luxury will be able to walk around, move around, and breathe fresh air!

More digital living

In a world where we’re afraid to leave our homes (or cannot), then we will live more of our lives digitally. Maybe more of us will get into virtual reality (oculus rift), or kill more time on Facebook, instagram, YouTube, etc.

Existential dread?

When people are stuck at home all day, this means we got a lot more time to ourselves, by ourselves to ponder:

What’s the point of life, existence, and my life?

More lonely people?

I love people. I like interacting with other humans in the flesh. For me, online interaction only goes so far. Real life humans (embodied reality humans) are king.

Decreased procreation?

Consider — when we become more afraid of human bodily contact. Certainly this means less “going to the club” and hooking up with others. Will this mean we will produce fewer children in the future? Kind of like what’s happening in Japan?

Digital creation

Where I’m hopeful:

The brave new world of digital creation!

Finally, freeing ourself of the tyranny of physical reality. To delight in digital creationism!

More importance for inspiration, motivation, and the will to live/thrive!

If there’s more people stuck home, this means:

  1. More bored people
  2. More anxious people
  3. More depressed people
  4. More people with ennui/existential dread
  5. More people who lack meaning in life.

I think this means there will be MORE NEED of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. This is what I’m focusing on. Perhaps you can too.

More video games?

More bored people who will discover more joy in video games. Escapism. Distraction.

Importance of working out, physical fitness from home?

Personally the only thing which has been upsetting for me is not having access to a powerlifting gym. But oh well — we will have to make do.

Dumbbells or kettlebells at home to workout as great. Intermittent fasting to lower bodyfat percentage. Now is finally your chance to get buff, ripped, and shredded!

Personally I’m using this chance to become a Greek god. I want a physique of Hercules, or the Spartans from the movie 300: