Why I Love Ricoh GR III

RICOH GR III for life!

Ultimate everyday camera


You can shoot RICOH GR III anywhere. Always with you, on your neck, on your wrist, in your hand, or in your pocket.

Extreme smallness

Cuba, 2020

Because RICOH GR III is so small, I’ve never missed a single decisive moment. I’ve shot everything!

I’ve explored more, traveled more, and dared more with RICOH GR III.

Macro and dynamic range is insane.

Leaf macro

The macro abilities of RICOH GR III are insane. Even closer focusing distance when compared to RICOH GR II. More epic macro means more epic photo opportunities! I can see, perceive, experience, and notice more things than before!

With macro, I feel like a visual scientist! Macro mode is like my artistic microscope.

Ultimate street photography camera

RICOH as the new Leica for street photography.

In short, RICOH GR III is currently the best camera on the market— better than any digital Leica, better than any Fujifilm, better than any digital medium format, better than any iPhone or smartphone.

If you love photography, RICOH GR III is for you.