What is Motivation? Move Like a Child!

Motivation means to move. Motivate, similar to the word “motor” or “motus”.

Children are “hyper-active”. But perhaps this is good.

Let us become like children

To move — we gotta feed our ego. My motivation to move is to augment my ego.

The ego is the primum mobile

Our desire to augment our ego is what gives us the initial urge or push to actually move and do stuff!

For example:

  1. My primum mobile to blogging: The desire to flesh out my thoughts, which feeds my ego. Also the joy knowing I can be helping others also augments my ego.
  2. Making videos and vlogging: I like to talk to people or share my thoughts. By sharing my thoughts, I know I make an impression on others [good or bad]. This brings me joy, and augments my ego.