proportion male chest waist


I know personally I have a negative bias against fat and fatness in humans.

Why is this? Some thoughts:

a matter of proportions?

proportion male chest waist
Consider the proportion of the male shoulders vs waist

For myself, I don’t like seeing excess body fat on humans purely from an aesthetics and proportions perspective. Perhaps there is something in my DNA which prefers humans with less bodyfat percentage. 

Basic thought:

Too much bodyfat is bad for sexual fitness. Thus we feel “repulsed” by humans (opposite gender, potential mates) who are “over-fat”.


Whenever I see people on planes who take up almost two seats, there is an initial shock that hits me. It’s more of a shock of awe. To see a human how they can become so big.

when is being over-fat bad?

Assuming being over fat causes you to become more of a liability to the health care or insurance industry (overfat can lead to increased costs for heart related things, diabetes, Alzheimer’s [which is now being called type 3 diabetes], cancer, etc). 

So if your individual lifestyle choices cause you to become overfat, and being excessively overfat (obesity) causes higher expenses and strain on the national healthcare system, technically your individual choice is bad for the government or the collective.

should we care for the healthcare industry and “public health”?

For myself, I wouldn’t want my individual choices be banned by the government. For example, if I want to eat a Twinkie, I don’t want the government banning me from doing so. 

My idea:

Propose higher taxes on sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and all sweeteners.

what is the ideal bodyfat percentage?

it seems for men 10%, and for women 20%.

I used to be a fat kid

I used to be a fat kid, so I know how much it sucks getting bullied for being fat. I remember at age 12 I had a triple-chin, which was really horrible during the humid summers in New York. I remember having to oil my chin in order to fall asleep. At this point, I then told myself:

Fuck this, I am going to lose fat.

I started to run around Bayside Queens (my childhood home in New York) with rocks in my backpacks. I started doing pushups and sit-ups at home. I asked my mom to buy me some weighted dumbbells to workout with. I started with 15 pounders, then I could hold two 15 pounders in one hand [total of 30 pounds]. I did bicep curls and shoulder presses. I then became the strongest of all my friends, which is a nice feeling.

Middle school and beyond

Fast-forwarding, I continued to lift weights in middle school. I remember doing 50-pound dumbbell shoulder presses when I was in the 7th-8th grade. In high school, I played American football my Sophomore and Junior year in order to prove my manliness to myself.

In college I continued to lift weights, run, and have been obsessed with my diet ever since.

What is the problem?


Honestly, I think the big problem is mis-information and mis-knowledge.

For example, the problem is that we call people ‘overweight’ when we should really be calling them ‘overfat‘.

What the goal should be is this:

SUBTRACT body fat [adipose tissue], and ADD muscle mass [skeletal muscle mass].

Treat your body like sculpture

In my opinion, in terms of body composition, it is easier to SUBTRACT FAT than to add muscle mass.

What is the easiest way to subtract body fat? I believe it is a combination of intermittent fasting [no breakfast, no lunch, only dinner] and a low-no-carb diet [mostly ‘ketogenic‘ — high in fatty meats, and bitter greens like kale or collard greens].

Also, no sugar [fake or natural], no sweet things [no honeys, etc], no carbs [complex or simple].

Fat isn’t morally bad.

red body outline man

To be fat isn’t a big deal. Honestly everyone can (and should) be free to look however they want.

But for me as an artist, I want to transform my body into a work of art. I wanna look like this:

The Farnese Hercules 1742 Richard Dalton 1715 or 20-1791 Purchased as part of the Oppé Collection with assistance from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund 1996
The Farnese Hercules 1742 by Richard Dalton. My ideal view of male beauty. My life goal.

Adding muscle mass

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