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Seek to Gain Muscle Mass and Lower Bodyfat. Over-Fat vs Over-Weight.

[Overfat and Underfat: New Terms and Definitions Long Overdue article]

Don’t be the slave of a scale

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The problem about scales:

They do not accurately tell whether you’re in great physiological shape or not.

Body composition is key.

For example, I can be a football player and 300 pounds and look like a greek god. Or I can be 300 pounds and be 40% body fat and look like Jabba the Hut.

Improving your body composition

Body composition is this:

What body fat percentage are you, and how much muscle mass do you got?

Just seek to gain muscle

Easier to just hit the gym, hit deadlifts, and strive to gain muscle mass (than to be too overly worried about your bodyweight).

A new thing for me:

I don’t weigh myself.

I will only weigh myself for more ‘scientific’ purposes. For example, if I hit a new PR in my deadlift or squat, I weigh myself to simply use myself as a human specimen for analysis [physiological perspective].

When is more weight better?

More weight is better when you’re powerlifting. More weight is better when you add a turbocharger to a car to make it faster. More weight is better if you increase your muscle mass, and thus the weight of your muscle is higher.

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