Health isn’t as a duty to society. Rather — health as a means to maximize your own personal power and creative power!

define health for yourself

There is no objective definition for ‘health’. To me, it is overflowing and overwhelming physical vigor, sprightliness, and power.

Become extremely selfish with your health

Without your health, you cannot do anything. Never sacrifice your personal health for the benefit of others.

The problem

if others nag you to “be healthy”, you have 0 incentive to do so. Instead, better to become extremely vain and into yourself in order to self-motivate yourself towards maximal health.

Become healthy because it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you truly love yourself and am extremely selfish, prioritizing your health as #1 in your life is essential. Your health above your partner, kids, family, etc.

Why? The most healthy you are, the more you can do and achieve for yourself and others!