How to Maximize Your Creative Output

How I’m so creatively productive:

There is no finality.


Every crearive act and creation is in a process of becoming. Thus treat your creative work as play! Don’t strive to make “good” artwork. Just strive to have fun when creating what you’re creating!

iPad and Procreate

The Procreate app itself is worth buying an iPad. It’s the killer app for visual artists, especially in today’s digital world and age!

Some stuff I’ve made on Procreate and my iPad:

The joy of uploading

My simple thought:

Happiness as a creator is to upload and share your works.

I find the more I upload, the happier I am, and the more creatively motivated I feel!

Treat your creations like personal studies for yourself.

Once I started to realize that for me, artistic creation was a road in which I could better understand visual art works, this liberated me! This meant I made artwork to understand, and for myself and my own sake. This liberated me, and allowed me to start to create for fun again, out of my personal curiosity!

Discovering new ways to share and publish your work.

Artistic innovation is something I’m passionate about. For example, discovering the ability to make animated GIF files from my composition studies!

Intermittent fasting, and lots of coffee and water.

Don’t eat breakfast or lunch. In the morning lots of black coffee. Throughout the day, more water and black coffee. When you can no longer stand your hunger, go to the gym and either do deadlifts, squat, or bench. When you go home, “break your fast” (dinner) with lots of meat and greens.

Standing computing

Don’t work while sitting. Stand and work. Or walk while working. Even a “treadmill desk” seems like a good idea. Or as I’m doing right now, stand and use an iPad for your work.

Ghetto standing desk at home

Stronger legs

Heavy squats and deadlift at the gym. The source of our creativity is in our legs, body, and muscles!

Don’t limit yourself to just one artistic medium

Eyes selfie red

All forms of visual art is legitimate. You’re not a photographer, you’re a visual artist!