How to Become What You Are

“You was who you was before you got here.” – JAY Z

The basic notion is this: you don’t strive to become someone else. You strive to become purely yourself.

Who are you?


You are you. You have unique tastes, ethics, aesthetics, and a unique approach to life.

There is no other human being on planet earth like you. And it is your supreme life task to exploit yourself, your strengths, and your abilities to your personal maximum.

Why do we strive to become someone else?


Now this is the problem:

We are punished by society and others for being ourselves.

We are punished for “talking out of line”, we are punished for “being inappropriate”, and we are punished for being “bad”, “evil”, and “sinful”. It seems the goal of society is to domesticate us and make us tame. But certainly this is a horrible life to live.

Give me freedom, or give me death!

You were who you were before you got here.

You have a unique life history. You have unique life experiences. The purpose isn’t to “front” or fake who you are, but to simply augment who you already are. To not censor yourself, to not be afraid to be yourself, and to not be ashamed of yourself.

Selfie blur

There is nothing wrong with you! There is nothing defective with you! There doesn’t need to be anything you need to change about yourself or your character. Why? When you try to change your character, you’re simply falling into the trap and the snare of the ideals of someone else. But your goal is to be you — not someone else.


The ideas:

  1. No more self-censoring what is on your mind. Allow yourself to become more of a barbarian and heathen.
  2. No more following the morality and ethics of others: You will now craft your own morals and ethics for yourself.
  3. No more being pushed around: You will now become insanely stubborn, to a fault.
  4. You will consider yourself a genius, and not placate to the needs and desires of others. You will first and always prioritize yourself, THEN help others (based on your superfluous and overflowing strength and health).
  5. You will put more faith in your body than your “soul, which means — more heavy squats, deadlift, bench at the gym, and eating more nutritious and fatty meat at home.
  6. You shall become insanely fearless: The only pragmatic fear is death. Besides this, take and other personal or entrepreneurial risks in life.

Brave on,