Entrepreneurship as Difficult and Risky

What is interesting about life decisions:

There are some life paths which are very difficult but not very risky (becoming a doctor), whereas there are other life paths which are both difficult AND risky (entrepreneurship).

Perhaps the best way to extract the maximum from existence — strive to pursue and obtain both difficult AND risky.

Why risky?

Generally when things are risky, we got skin in the game. Risky things tend to be more interesting. Why? Because there is a real downside if you fuck up.

Much of life is difficult, but not risky. If you decide to become a full-time Uber driver, your work is insanely hard, but not risky. Perhaps if we want to maximize ourselves, we need BOTH extremes of risk and difficulty.

Difficult and scary

Another reason I prefer powerlifting — it is both difficult and scary. Bodybuilding is insanely difficult, but not so scary. Whenever I am attempting a new PR in my deadlift, squat, etc — I have a bit of fright. But to grind out another (lower weight) repetition (bodybuilding style) is more about willpower, not fear-conquering power.

Another plus for street photography

Street photography is insanely risky and scary to most people. Perhaps this is what makes it more fun and interesting.

To shoot landscape photos at 4am in the morning is insanely hard, but not risky (unless you’re shooting from a helicopter or something). Same goes with most types of photography and art.

If you desire to extract the maximum from photography, learn to LOVE risk taking!