Art is long, life is short (ars longa, vita brevis).

Our human biological lifespan is limited. At best we can live to be 120-140 years old. But what do we desire? Perhaps to EXCEED the tyranny and confines of our singular human lives, and aim for some sort of immortality through our art, ideas, and offspring.

Books or children?

A way to achieve immortality beyond yourself: write books and/or have children. Both are your genes which will continue long after you’re dead.

Longevity for our own life.


It seems the Star Trek notion of “Live long and prosper” is a good one. We want maximal human longevity AND maximal human biological vigor, strength, muscles, and thriving.

What is our aim as artists?

A simple life goal:

To stay inspired creatively and artistically until I die at age 120 or age 140.

This is why artists like JAY Z, Kanye, Dr. Dre, Eminem inspire me so much:

How have they been able to stay active and inspired for DECADES, while some individuals come and go?

Why longevity?

Consider this: you’re gonna live a long time. You certainly want to live the most and maximally interesting, fun, challenging, and epic life while you’re alive. You want to maximize your pleasure, excitement, and fun. You want to be maximally lifted, lofty, and inspired every single day of your life, optimally all throughout the day as well.

Nobody likes to feel bored, apathetic, or depressed. My personal ambition is to NEVER run out of motivation, energy, and steam to create artistic works. Isn’t this a noble goal?

How to achieve longevity?

Simple things:

  1. Don’t die: Don’t die in a car accident or a texting-while-walking accident. Don’t drive recklessly. Don’t do anything that can literally put your life at risk. Don’t do hard drugs. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t smoke and drive.
  2. Insane amounts of sleep, rest, and recovery: To perform at your maximal ability, you need maximal sleep, rest, recovery, and strength augmentation. To go harder, you must sleep harder. For me, 8-12 hours a sleep is ideal.


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