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What is an optimal way to live life?

Create the optimal conditions for your own personal thriving in life.

What does this look like?

This depends on you and your life goals.

For myself, my life goal is:

Become the greatest blogger of all-time.

Also, I delight in being the greatest photography blogger of all time (maintenance).

Thus, it seems my activities has to do with:

  1. Maximize my personal thriving in terms of maximizing my blogging
  2. Maximize my ability to make photos, think about photography, and write about photography.

What do you want to optimize for?


In order to optimize for this, I opted for:

  1. Living in a minimalist ‘luxury’ apartment. Less care about maintenance in the house. Washer and dryer in-unit. Hyper-fast wifi.
  2. Limiting outside correspondence, in order for me to focus on my thoughts and artistic production.
  3. Living close to the gym, in order to maximize my physical strength. Also, some of my best creative ideas come to me at the gym.
  4. Using the simplest and most compact camera (RICOH GR III) in order to make photos everyday, and think about photography everyday, and all-day.

What don’t you care for?

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Also, in order to create the optimal conditions for your personal thriving, decide what you DON’T care about, and what superfluous goals you desire to abandon.

For example, I don’t really care for money-accumulation for the sake of it. Also, I don’t care for social media numbers, or numbers in general. All I care for is to maximize myself — to impress myself. To fulfill my own personal curiosity:

If I have the optimal conditions for my personal thriving, how far can I fly?


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