The Pursuit of Mastery

Someone who inspires me a ton is Eminem. Why? He is rich as fuck, but he still raps. Why does he still rap? He is striving towards self-mastery. My thought:

As long as Eminem keeps rapping (and never stops), he will become the GOAT (greatest of all-time).

I’m moving too fast!

selfie red black

Perhaps this is the goal:

To move SO FAST towards mastery, that you don’t look behind (you don’t care how others assess you).

What is my life goal?

For example, myself:

I want to become the BEST in all domains of what I am passionate about.

For example,

I want to become the best blogger of all-time.

I am currently experimenting how I can achieve this. Through much self-experimentation, I am trying to create the optimal conditions for me to become the greatest. For example:

  1. Living in a minimalist apartment (no maintenance stresses)
  2. Not owning a car
  3. Living in an apartment with insanely fast wifi, and doing a standing-desk at home with my laptop.
  4. Continually to read deep philosophy, and to ask big questions
  5. Continually challenge my muscles (powerlifting), and eating lots of meat for dinner (intermittent fasting)
  6. Listening to epic music while writing (Eminem)
  7. Not making money-accumulation a life goal
  8. Striving for mastery for the sake of it; or to impress myself!